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The South African Colorectal Society will be an official group of the Association of Surgeons of South Africa and will be called THE SOUTH AFRICAN COLORECTAL SOCIETY, hereinafter referred to as the "Society".


The Society will be affiliated to the Association of Surgeons of South Africa and will be subject to its regulations.


The aims of the Society will be:-

3.1. To promote the study of colorectal disorders and diseases, and related conditions.

3.2. To promote research into these conditions.

3.3. To promote the relevant colorectal training.

3.4. To promote patient advocacy for those suffering from these conditions.

3.5. To support and encourage the best practice in the diagnosis and management of colorectal disease.

3.6. To liaise with other Associations with allied interests.



This may be any registered health care practitioner. To become a member of the Society a candidate's name must be proposed and seconded by two full members of the Society. Membership of the society will be confirmed by consensus at the annual general meeting. Only members whose subscription is up-to-date will be entitled to cast a vote.


Honorary membership may bestowed upon distinguished individuals after being duly proposed, seconded and elected by a majority vote of members of the Executive Committee.


Every member will remain a member of the Society until his/her membership is terminated by a decision of the Executive Committee of the Society. The member will be notified in writing of the termination of membership by registered post by the Honorary Secretary of the Society. Should a member wish to terminate his/her membership of the Society he/she must submit such intention to the Hon. Secretary of the Society in writing.


Members will be required to pay an annual subscription fee. The subscription fee payable will be determined by members of the Executive Committee. Failure to pay the membership fee for two consecutive years will result in the termination of membership of the Society. Membership may be reinstated once outstanding subscription fees have been paid.


5.1. The existence of the Society is to be perpetual.

5.2. Members will not personally be liable for the payment of any debt incurred by the Society.

5.3. The Society will be a non-profit organization. No member of the Society may benefit from the profits of the Society nor shall the Society be organized primarily for profit. The Society shall avail itself of all tax benefits and exemptions entitled to it under the Internal Revenue Act. The Society will be empowered to appropriately remunerate individuals or groups or companies for services rendered to the Society.

5.4. The Standing Orders will delineate the authority of the Executive Committee and govern the affairs of the Society. Amendments to the Standing Orders may be proposed by any Member of the Society and must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee of the Society 90 days before an Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee will then inform all Members of amendments at least 45 days before an Annual General Meeting. These amendments will be verified at the next Annual General Meeting by vote. Should there be an equal number of votes the President of the Society will have a casting vote. A document defining the standing orders will be drawn up by the secretary in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Society and will be attached to the constitution.

5.5. Any proposed amendments to the constitution must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee of the Society 90 days before an Annual General Meeting of the Society. Provided that the amendments have the approval of at least two thirds of the Voting Members of the Society the Executive Committee may change the Constitution.

5.6. Dissolution of the Society will only be possible if 80% of the Voting Members of the Society are in favor of dissolving the Society and if 100% of the Executive Committee .approve the dissolution of the Society. In the event of the dissolution of the Society all assets of the Society will automatically be transferred to ASSA.


6.1 The control of the Society will be vested in the Executive Committee. The members of the Executive Committee will be made up of elected Members of the Society.6.2. The Executive Committee's actions will be subject to:

  1. The aims of the Society.
  2. The constitution of the Society.
  3. The Society's standing orders.
  4. The decisions of the executive committee of ASSA

6.3. The Executive Committee will consist of:

  1. A President
  2. A Secretary
  3. A Treasurer
  4. The immediate past president and the president elect
  5. Additional Members as needed.

6.4. Nominations for Members to be elected onto the Executive Committee will be made before an Annual General Meeting. At the Annual General Meeting such a nomination will be proposed and seconded.

6.5. The powers of the Executive Committee will be as follows

  1. to direct activities to ensure that the aims of the Society are achieved.
  2. To facilitate the proposal and amendment of changes to the standing orders and constitution of the Society.
  3. To delegate responsibilities and activities to members of the Society.

6.6. Directives of ASSA will take precedence over those of the Society


7.1. The Executive Committee must meet at least once a year. Meetings may take place electronically.

7.2. Decisions made will only be passed if there is a majority vote. In the event of there being an equal vote the President of the Society will have the casting vote.

7.3. No member attending meetings will be remunerated by the Society.

7.4. No alternate members may attend meetings of the Executive Committee.

7.5. Minutes will be taken at all meetings by the secretary. These minutes will be distributed to all Members of The Executive Committee. An agenda for forthcoming Meetings will be circulated well in advance.

7.6. A quorum will consist of the President of the Society and 4 other committee members. This will also apply to meetings that are held electronically.

7.7. An Annual General Meeting will be held at which the Secretary of The Society will take minutes which will then be distributed to all.


8.1. Each member of the Executive Committee will be eligible for a two year term of office.

8.2. Each member may be an office bearer for no more than three terms of office.

8.3. Once an office bearer stands down from office he/she reverts to being an ordinary member of the Society.

8.4. Any member who was previously an office bearer will once again be eligible for the position of office bearer after one term (2 years) of office has passed.


9.1. The Treasurer of the society will ensure that accurate financial records of the Society's transactions are kept according to sound accounting principles.

9.2. At the annual general meeting of the Society the Treasurer will present the Treasurer's report which will include a financial report.9.3. Any monies raised in the form of donations shall be used for defined causes specific to the aims of the Society.


10.1. Members of the Executive Committee will be refunded by the Society against all expenses which may be incurred in the course of their duties as members of the Executive Committee.

10.2. This will not apply to any member if the action of the member is:

  1. Contrary to the constitution of the Society.
  2. Contrary to the standing orders of the Society.
  3. If the member's actions are deemed questionable by 80% of the Executive Committee.

10.3. If a member acts in accordance with the constitution, the standing orders and good will of the Executive Committee, the same member will be indemnified by the Society in the event of legal proceedings arising out of any event carried out in the course of fulfilling any duty assigned to him/her.