ASCRS International Educational Scholarships

Each year ASCRS awards the International Educational Scholarships, which include the International Travel Scholarship and the Career Development Scholarship. This is an exciting opportunity for early-career international colon and rectal surgeons.

2017 ASCRS Tripartite Meeting

Submit an abstract for the 2017 ASCRS Tripartite Meeting
The abstract submission site closes Tuesday, November 29 at 11:59 pm EST (US Time).
The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) invites all international surgeons to submit an abstract for consideration of an oral or poster presentation during the 2017 ASCRS Tripartite Meeting, June 10-14, 2017 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

PMB Legal Challenge: A Major Threat to Private Practice

A formidable challenge to regulation 8 of the PMB legislation is being mounted by Genesis Medical Scheme and SAMWUMED in a court action against the Minster of Health. We are reliably informed that the Department of Health has decided not to oppose this action.

If successful, this will see all PMBs being remunerated at scheme rate only. It is anticipated that regulations will require that service providers accept the scheme rate without allowance for charging any co-payment. It is further feared that certain schemes may elect to reduce rates at which they reimburse PMBs conditions to state hospital rates.